Çankaya Translation

Çankaya Translation

Çankaya Translation was founded a decade ago, in 2005, and is now recognized as one of Turkey’s leading translation agencies. Ten years of providing excellent language services has given them unparalleled experience in the translation sector, and the highest accolades in terms of customer satisfaction.

Çankaya Translation offers a wide range of services, including a fully comprehensive sworn translation facility in all languages but principally Turkish, English, German, Russian and Arabic. They also provide consecutive and simultaneous translation, proofreading, subtitle translation and deciphering.

With flexibility and dynamic solutions at its core, Çankaya Translation focuses on efficiency, professional customer service, and complete satisfaction, setting and maintaining the standards in the translation sector.

Much of the work Çankaya Translation undertakes is with international business, and organizations, meaning confidentiality is paramount. The agency has a well earned a reputation for discretion, trust, respect and ethical principles, making it one of the translation agencies of choice for many across the world.

Through experience Çankaya Translation understands the importance of adopting the latest and best innovations the technological world has to offer. With its modern hardware network and the most-up-date Computer Aided Translation Programs, Çankaya Translation provides the quickest, most trusted and economical language solutions for its customers.

When it comes to consecutive and simultaneous translation, Çankaya Translation has successfully completed many projects both at home and abroad. Providing these services for many public institutions, universities and organizations, Çankaya Translation has the makings of a regional leader in interpretation services.

Çankaya Translation has a comprehensive and wide network of translators and interpreters in all aspects of its services and together with its strong and reliable infrastructure it continues to provide excellence at all levels of language services at a global level.